Comments From Our Members

“I can't even begin to tell you the great satisfaction I have received since being a part of this membership. I so look forward to signing in and seeing what is in store for us next. It's the first thing I do now when I go to my computer and the anticipation is exciting. Every aspect is MORE than what I expect. From the very beginning when I purchased Cake Decorating Made Easy! I fell in love with it. Then Cookie Decorating Made Easy! and now the Candy. YOU are the BEST thing that's on the internet. No-way can I imagine being without YummyArts.Com. It just keeps getting better!!! Kiss Kiss Kiss.”
Cindy L.
Penfield, New York

“Since I found YummyArts, I have fallen in love with cake decorating. Allthough I already knew how to bake, cake decorating became a passion of mine, and at that time I purchased the Cake Decorating Made Easy! video books and started on one of my own novelty cakes. This particular cake, I made for my dad on his 39th Birthday. I found this picture and thought that it was just the greatest and so I tried it. It came out looking great and tasting the same way... thanx for everything YummyArts!”
Charne L.
Wellington, New Zealand.


“I made this cake for a baby shower, and I think it got more attention than the mom to be!! I watched one of the videos using fondant to ice a cake, and another where the cake was carved. I got some GREAT recipes for buttercream icing, marshmallow fondant (didn't know I could make my own!) and a fantastic filling from the YummySearch. With some tips from the forum about carving the cake and what to do with all the cake crumbs, I decided to give it a try. Everyone loved the cake, I got lots of compliments, was told I should go into business, and was even asked if I had a business card! Cindy really encouraged me to be brave and jump right in! So I did!”
Marge P.
Syracuse, N.Y

“I made the firetruck cake for my nephew's second birthday. I didn't know what I was doing until I bought and studied (and I mean studied) Cake Decorating Made Easy! Vol I and II. I made and used MMF, royal icing, and buttercream from the recipes in the books. I learned the proper ways of handling cakes from stacking to crumb coating. The most valuable tool I learned though was the proper techniques of preparing and handling the decorating bags. I never knew any of this until I watched the videos. When I presented the cake to my sister-in-law, she didn't know what to say. She thought I would make a cake in the shape of a firetruck, not an actual firetruck. My mother-in-law said she was so proud of me, she almost cried.”
M.C. Medina, Bakersfield, CA


“Since watching the videos and using the buttercream recipe my cakes have become very popular. I have a small donut shop and customers had been asking for cakes. I ordered your Cake Decorating Made Easy! to do a crash course and I am amazed at the popularity of the buttercream icing!!! I have one customer that has already ordered 7 cakes in the last two months! I cannot keep cupcakes in the store! I've been playing with the fondant lately, we are making the MMF for the taste! I do love the information you provide, in just 2-3 months I've easily advanced beyond any beginner level. Last weekend I did a 3 tier fondant cake that sold for almost $200. Thanks so much, it's going really well.”
Hugs, Mona
Somerset, Kentucky

“This bouquet was made using the Marshmallow fondant recipe from "Cookie Decorating Made Easy!" that I purchased from YummyArts. I had been purchasing ready made fondant until I made this recipe. There is no comparison, the marshmallow fondant tastes so much better. The cookie bouquets were quite a hit, I sold several of them at Christmas. My customers came back saying how happy their hairdressers were with their gift and how delicious they were. Although I had some knowledge of cookie bouquets, purchasing Cookie Decorating Made Easy! was a very wise choice. It gave me a lot of worthwhile information and I would recommend it to anyone interested in decorating cookies.
Thank You”
Vanessa G.
Poughkeepsie, New York



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