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Top 10 Articles & Answers

Cake Design Ideas - Butterfly Cake
Cake Design Ideas - Butterfly CakeHere s the link to a Website that provides several photos and instructions for making butterfly cakes: Click Here f... More>>
Cake Jewelry
Cake JewelryThe bride isn t the only one sporting jewelry at weddings these days. Cakes can be dressed up with crystals and gems too! He... More>>
Cake Design Ideas - Barbie Doll Cake
Cake Design Ideas - Barbie Doll CakeThose Barbie doll cakes that were all the rage in the '60 s are still quite popular with little girls (and grown up girls too!).... More>>
Buttercream Icing Butter, Shortening or Margarine
Buttercream Icing Butter, Shortening or MargarineWhich is better for Buttercream Icing -- Butter, Shortening or Margarine? For Buttercream icing, butter, shortening and mar... More>>
Cracking Fondant
Cracking FondantIf your fondant seems dry and shows tiny cracks while it is being rolled, try adding some gum paste which will make it a little more p... More>>
Dividing Tool, Measuring Round Cakes
Dividing Tool, Measuring Round CakesYour best bet for measuring out equal placement for your basket weave (and garlands and borders), is to use a Dividing Wheel which takes the g... More>>
Why is Red Velvet Cake Red?
Why is Red Velvet Cake Red?Here s the scoop on Red Velvet Cake: Red color is added because the original recipe that dates back to the 1800 s called for... More>>
Cake Syrups
Cake SyrupsCake syrups do help make a cake moist, but they are generally applied only when called for in a recipe. Some recipes may req... More>>
Best Cake for Fondant
Best Cake for FondantThe best type of cake to cover with rolled fondant is a heavy cake. There are thousands of cake recipes in the world but some types of cakes j... More>>
Design Ideas - Easter Cakes
Design Ideas - Easter CakesHere are a few ideas for Easter Cakes to spark your imagination! If you d like to practice your basket weave, here s another link... More>>

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