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Top 10 Articles & Answers

Convection vs Conventional Ovens
Convection vs Conventional OvensHere s the lowdown on the differences between convection and conventional ovens as provided by the experts at the Food Network :... More>>
What is Torte?
What is Torte?Torte is German for cake and refers to both a multi-layered cake filled with buttercream, jam, or cream and to a rich, moist, and dense single-layere... More>>
Design Ideas - Construction Cakes
Design Ideas - Construction CakesMaking a construction theme cake can be a lot of fun. Here are some links to websites and pages that provide some interestin... More>>
Baby Shower Cake Ideas
Baby Shower Cake IdeasWhen it comes to creating cakes for special occasions, what could be more fun than a baby shower cake? Here are some fun and easy design ideas... More>>
Decorating Bag Basics
Decorating Bag BasicsA decorating bag is what professional cake decorators use for squeezing out icing flowers and other decorations. Forget thos... More>>
Why is Red Velvet Cake Red?
Why is Red Velvet Cake Red?Here s the scoop on Red Velvet Cake: Red color is added because the original recipe that dates back to the 1800 s called for... More>>
Using Whole Eggs vs Separating Eggs
Using Whole Eggs vs Separating EggsThere is a BIG difference between adding whole raw eggs to cake batter and separating the eggs, then adding the egg whites separately... More>>
Design Ideas - Horseshoe Cake
Design Ideas - Horseshoe CakeTo make a horseshoe shaped cake, use a shaped pan which comes with a complete set of instructions for different lucky themes.... More>>
Design Ideas - Castle Wedding Cakes
Design Ideas - Castle Wedding CakesCastle wedding cakes are the perfect way to highlight a fairy tale wedding! Here are a few links to pictures of castle weddi... More>>
Definition - Brown Sugar and White Sugar
Definition -  Brown Sugar and White SugarGranulated or white sugar is highly refined cane or beet sugar. This free-flowing sweetener is the most common form both for table use... More>>

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