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Top 10 Articles & Answers

Buttercream Icing Butter, Shortening or Margarine
Buttercream Icing Butter, Shortening or MargarineWhich is better for Buttercream Icing -- Butter, Shortening or Margarine? For Buttercream icing, butter, shortening and mar... More>>
Canadian Supplier
Canadian SupplierHere s the link to a Canadian online supplier: Click Here for a Canadian Cake Supplier Most specialty bak... More>>
Why is Red Velvet Cake Red?
Why is Red Velvet Cake Red?Here s the scoop on Red Velvet Cake: Red color is added because the original recipe that dates back to the 1800 s called for... More>>
Design Ideas - Yoda Star Wars Cake
Design Ideas - Yoda Star Wars CakeAfter all of these years, Star Wars characters are still extremely popular, and Yoda is at the top of the list. If you search... More>>
Using Whole Eggs vs Separating Eggs
Using Whole Eggs vs Separating EggsThere is a BIG difference between adding whole raw eggs to cake batter and separating the eggs, then adding the egg whites separately... More>>
Definition - Stick of Butter
Definition - Stick of ButterMany recipes from the United States refer to a stick of butter because one pound of butter is commonly sold as four individually wra... More>>
Cake Syrups
Cake SyrupsCake syrups do help make a cake moist, but they are generally applied only when called for in a recipe. Some recipes may req... More>>
Best Icing for Summer Wedding Cakes
Best Icing for Summer Wedding CakesThere really is no easy to answer to keep Buttercream and other icings from melting away in hot humid weather. What starts out as a beautifully iced... More>>
What is Torte?
What is Torte?Torte is German for cake and refers to both a multi-layered cake filled with buttercream, jam, or cream and to a rich, moist, and dense single-layere... More>>
Design Ideas - Horseshoe Cake
Design Ideas - Horseshoe CakeTo make a horseshoe shaped cake, use a shaped pan which comes with a complete set of instructions for different lucky themes.... More>>

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